Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays

This is a long picture of me and a majority of my friends dressed as Hogwarts students! Notice that we each belong to a house! And you all thought that the sorting hat quiz at Ali's party was just for fun didn't you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, this took me about 4 days to complete. I started this about a day before Christmas and I hoped it would be finished by boxing day, but with all of the parties and family get togethers, a part of me knew I would not finnish this on time.
I posted it here so you can see it full view, hope you all like it and I hope you had a Very Merry Christmas! :3

Left to Right: Daniel, Rose, Facca, Nikki, Ali, Me, Matt, Marina, Mitch, Dillion, Lexie, Vincent, Snape :D

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